Saturday, 22 October 2011

Flagrant Scroungers Prove There’s Absolutely Nothing The Matter With Them

That's your hard-earned cash they blew on that banner
Hundreds of thousands of shameless spongers are openly flaunting themselves in public today, blatantly demonstrating for all the world to see that there’s bugger-all wrong with them that a well-earned kick in the wallet won’t cure.

“Look at these cocky bastards all strolling down the street, fit as you please, just like you or me,” seethed a typical caring member of the public, in whose little world ‘disability’ means a plucky war hero hopping a marathon. “Okay, so a few of them look a bit twitchy – well, if they’d only pack up their constant drip about how hard done by they think they are and pull themselves together, I bet they’d be fitter than I am. Excuse me while I dispense a healing slap or two.”

Another sympathetic bystander pointed out, quite reasonably, that the chap in a motorised wheelchair was perfectly capable of earning his keep towing a small trailer.

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