Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Journalists Scramble To Interview 477 Freed Palestinians

477 book and film deals can't be far off
Fights broke out on the streets of Gaza City today, as Western reporters scrambled over each other in their eagerness to speak to the 477 Palestinians finally freed today after years of negotiation with the Israelis.

The Palestinians were the first beneficiaries of the current Israeli exchange rate, which has recently soared an all-time high of 1027 Palestinians to the Jew.

"You can't imagine how we felt when we heard we were going to be dumped in Egypt," chorused the 477 Palestinians in unison as they finally arrived back in Gaza in a fleet of rickety buses. "We received this news about an hour ago, and we felt then that this would be our last chance to be free. They were long years. Of course we missed our families very much. We also missed our friends. We hope this deal will lead to peace between Palestinians and Israelis and that it will support cooperation between both sides.”

“We also believe in Santa, Peter Pan and the Tooth Fairy," they smiled.

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