Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nev Filter Blogger Exposed As Gay Girl In Damascus

The blogosphere exploded in uproar today over the shock revelation that writer of news-based satire blog ‘The Nev Filter’ is not, as claimed, a grumpy old man from Plymouth at all, but a lesbian from Syria called Amino Assid.

You will never trust the internet again
Dozens of duped Nev Filter followers around the world are outraged at the shabby hoax that has been perpetrated against them for several tedious years by a hairy Arab bull-bint, who shamelessly manipulated their trust by making up what they honestly believed to be a mildly amusing commentary on real-world events.

“I am the sole author of this blog and have always been so. Any and all posts on the blog are by me,” admitted Ms Assid today. “I want to apologise to anyone I may have amused or informed in any way. I never meant to amuse anyone. I am sorry.”

“That is me in the photo, though,” she added. “Any hot rug-munching babes in the Damascus area, please get in touch.”