Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Your Playstation Ordered A Ton Of Bling

Your Playstation has used your credit card to order itself a couple of diamond-encrusted gold Swarovski controllers and an HDMI cable wrapped in finest panda skin, admitted red-faced Sony CEO Howard Stringer this morning.

“What it is, you see, is that your Playstations have been cheerfully maxing out your cards for six days now,” confirmed Mr Stringer sheepishly. “We were going to just whistle and pretend it was nothing to do with us, but now a few of you have made the connection between all the hideously overpriced tat the postman’s been bringing you this week, and the phone calls you’ve been getting from your card providers asking you if you’d like your credit limits raised by another ten or twenty grand, isn’t it?”

There's lovely
The Welsh-born American executive defended your frustration-alleviating toy’s behaviour by pointing out that Bill Gates took all the joy from your life many years ago, Nintendo had annexed your children and lately your wife and Apple had stolen your soul, leaving nothing left over for the Playstation but your money.

“You might think a blu-ray remote in a Waterford crystal casing with inlaid mother-of-pearl buttons is a bit extravagant, look you,” he added. “But just wait until the workmen arrive on Friday to tear up your decking to erect the pylons for the 60ft TV screen.”

Data security experts, meanwhile, are advised worried console owners that maybe it is about time they finally grew up and stopped playing with toys.


Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

Smart-ass. Ah,damn... did I say that out loud? Sorry.

Nev said...

You rang?