Sunday, 28 November 2010

Happening Of Shit Revealed By Wikileaks

250,000 classified US documents laid bare today by Wikileaks have confirmed to a shocked and disbelieving world that shit does indeed happen.

The stench down here really is appalling
Among the catalogue of shitty happenings, which have confirmed the worst fears of billions around the world whose alimentary canals have no exit, are disturbing indicators that:

  • The Chinese government is not a model of probity;
  • The Saudi monarchy still does not quite see eye-to-eye with the ayatollahs who overthrew the Iranian monarchy;
  • In Russia, kleptomania is not entirely incompatible with a successful career in politics;
  • Accounting standards in Afghanistan leave something to be desired;
  • Corrupt, power-crazed egomaniac Vladimir Putin gets along famously with corrupt, power-crazed egomaniac Silvio Berlusconi.

Meanwhile, heroic Wikileaks founder Julian Asswipe claims that his website has suddenly come under deliberate and sustained attack from the US government, millions of whose lackeys all around the world are making a concerted effort to crash the site by trying to download and read the documents he has so bravely posted.

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