Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dr Who To Face Deadly Sock Puppet This Christmas

Worse than cybermen
Matt Smith, the child actor who plays much-loved TV character Dr Who, has spoken of his excitement over doing battle with one the time-travelling hero’s deadliest enemies from the past – a sock puppet known to the Doctor’s forty-something fanbase as Lamb Chop.

In the series’ keenly-anticipated Christmas special - which producers created by tearing random pages out of Charles Dickens’ famous seasonal story, A Christmas Carol, and changing a few names – the popular Time Lord will come face-to-hand once more with his terrifying cotton nemesis, whose chillingly mild-voiced dialogue will be spliced together from old recordings of deceased sock-puppeteer Shari Lewis.

“Sure, the Doctor fought Lamb Chop in the sixties,” said Smith, 9, in response to critics’ claims that the money-spinning series’ production budget had been reduced by BBC bosses to a shoestring. “Apparently it’s one of those fuzzy Patrick Troughton episodes that the BBC taped over in the seventies. Ask Frazer Hines, he was in it.”

“Probably,” he added.

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