Thursday, 2 April 2009

All Smiles At Downing Street As Obama Reprograms Brown For Summit

It was all smiles yesterday in Downing Street, as President Barack Obama arrived for a pre-G20 briefing with Gordon Brown, carrying a large manila folder marked 'Script', a car battery and a set of electrodes.

Scots-tinged, expletive-laden screams were heard coming from Number Ten throughout the course of the meeting, which were later reported by a sweating spin doctor to be yelps of unbounded delight as the Prime Minister found ever more examples of how closely he and President Obama saw absolutely eye-to-eye on all policy issues - especially the ones Mr Brown had previously thought of as possible bones of contention, such as whose fault everything was.

"Mr Brown is glad to find he agrees that the United States is the sole injured party in the current global economic meltdown," spluttered Spin Dr Rhythm to the world's reporters. "And he is very pleased to learn that he was responsible for the crisis in the first place. He looks forward to a summit where Britain and the United States share a common interest in ensuring a successful outcome for the USA."

He added that, to mark Britain's special relationship with America, the two world statesmen had cordially exchanged gifts of friendship. Mr Obama gave the prime minister a series of powerful electric shocks, and Mr Brown generously handed his testicles to the president in a presentation vice, with matching mallet.

President Obama and his wife then travelled to Buckingham Palace, where they were given a viewing catalogue by the Queen and told that if they saw anything they particularly fancied, they should be sure to put in an advance bid.

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