Monday, 11 August 2008

Noise Annoys

A man who made his neighbours’ lives hell by playing Cher and U2 loudly, ignoring a previous noise abatement notice, has had his music-hearing equipment destroyed by council officers.

Karl Wiosna was also fined £265 by Pontypridd magistrates.

“We are committed to responding to the concerns of our community, especially when it comes to issues concerning their quality of life,” said Councillor Mike Forey. “Can you imagine sitting in your front room day after day with shit pouring through the walls? We have confiscated Mr Wiosna’s ears, which were made of cloth, and destroyed them. In order to prevent further offences we have also obtained a warrant from the magistrates, authorising us to send a crack team of environmental health officers to hunt down U2 and Cher, serve them with noise abatement orders, and destroy them too.”

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