Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Piss Artists Advised Not To Stint on Holiday Insurance

Spain has emerged as the prison cell destination of choice for holidaying Britons, with a 32% increase in arrests – many involving excessive drinking. A total of 2,032 Brits were arrested there in the period from April 2006 to March 2007, says the annual Foreign Office report.

“The report highlights what can go wrong on holiday,” said Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn. “It is a reminder to all that taking out comprehensive travel insurance is a crucial part of your holiday planning and not something that should be sacrificed to save a few pounds.”

“Far be it from me to say ‘stop drinking stupid amounts of cheap booze and acting like a twat’,” she added.

Meanwhile, the government is reminding holidaymakers to check local laws and customs before travelling.

“For example, English theme pubs - contrary to popular belief - are not extra-territorial sanctuaries protected by diplomatic immunity,” said Ms Munn. “If, after a pleasant evening of insulting the locals whilst emptying two dozen bottles of San Miguel into your protesting guts, you decide to round off the night’s fun and games by trashing the joint, you may be somewhat surprised to find the local police sticking a gun up your nose and hauling you off to the local nick, where your claim that you were only behaving as you would on a typical Saturday night out in England will receive short shrift from the authorities.”

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