Friday, 8 June 2012

Teachers Send Stern Letter To Ofsted’s Parents

School heads have written to Ofsted’s parents warning that, after spotting telltale signs of plagiarism in two of the inspection body’s reports, they will accept only handwritten submissions in future.

Wilshaw Senior has attacked teachers before
“When teachers compared reports handed into Belvedere Junior School in Kent and East London’s Malmesbury Primary School, it was immediately obvious that whole chunks criticising our pupils’ reading, writing and maths skills had simply been cut and pasted,” said Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers.

“No doubt Ofsted thinks slacking off is big and clever," he added, shaking his head sadly, "But such behaviour not only lets the school and its pupils down - it lets Ofsted down. And Ofsted needs to think long and hard about that.”

Ofsted’s dad, Sir Michael Wilshaw, screwed the letter up and went mental. He was soon standing outside the NAHT offices with a baseball bat, yelling: “Oi, wanka! Y’ fink yer so fackin’ big, pickin’ on poor defenceless little inspectas, do ya? Gitcha arse dahn ‘ere, y’ fackin’ paedo bastud!”

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