Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Greeks To Be Asked If They Fancy Pay Cuts, Slashed Pensions And Mass Redundancies

The bankruptcy of the eurozone now looks certain, with the announcement that Greek PM George Papandreou plans to ask his people whether they like the sound of losing their public services, their pay, their pensions and their jobs.

A typical Greek floating voter wonders where to cast his vote
“What is fuss about, please? Typical Greek men in streets sure to be admirably sanguine about very important issue, and to put greater good of economic survival of European neighbours before own personal finances,” said a cheerful Mr Papandreou as hordes of furious rioters set about systematically burning Athens to the ground, in the traditional Greek way of voting.

Meanwhile, on the borders of Greece, a small army of worried eurocrats is frantically excavating a vast trench linking the Ionian and Aegean Seas, hoping to open the floodgates at each end and claim that Greece is not really a European country at all, but part and parcel of the Middle East.

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