Friday, 7 October 2011

Fox Orders Investigation To Tell Him Why He Keeps Inviting His Mate Along To Sensitive Defence Meetings

Swivel-eyed defence secretary Dr Liam Fox has ordered an official investigation to tell him why on earth he keeps inviting the best man at his wedding along to important defence meetings and foreign trips, after it emerged that Adam Werrity-Dodgity – who has no security clearance - has tagged along for 14 top-level meetings at the MoD headquarters and was handing out House of Commons business cards claiming to be Dr Fox’s advisor during his official visit to Sri Lanka.

Mr Werrity-Dodgity has been reluctant to give interviews
By sheer coincidence Mr Werrity-Dodgity - a former flatmate of Dr Fox - also happened to be the sole employee of Atlantic Bridge, a right-wing organisation set up by the defence secretary with Baroness Thatcher as its patron, whose purpose was to foster close links between leading neo-conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic, and which was shut down last month by the Charities Commission following a deeply critical investigation into its activities.

“Right now, I simply haven’t the faintest idea why I keep Mr Werrity-Dodgity closer to me than my own shadow,” explained Dr Fox, sweating heavily. “I am rather hoping that this top-level internal inquiry will come up with something plausible.”

He then terminated the interview somewhat abruptly, pointing to the sky and shouting “look at that interesting thing” before running away and diving head-first into a black Cadillac with darkened windows, which happened to be driving slowly by with its back door open.

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