Friday, 28 October 2011

Europe Would Look Nice On Your Mantelpiece, Leaders Tell China

Eurozone leaders are desperately trying to tempt China into adding Europe to its collection of knick-knacks, pointing out that trinkets of such fabulous size rarely come onto the market at such an attractive price.
The Russians haven't got one of these, remember
“Just $100bn buys you over a million square miles of prime development land,” haggled Klaus Regling, head of the EFSF (Eurozone Fire Sale Facility). “That’s just a hundred grand a mile - and we’re throwing in 857m economic production units absolutely free, so in effect you’re getting a lifetime of work out of them for an initial investment of just over a hundred bucks apiece. Go on, have a fling! You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.”

“Just look at some of the fabulous collectibles you’ll be picking up for a song,” he cajoled. “The Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the Parthenon, Pompeii and a fantastic train set – you’re getting the complete job lot in one bargain deal!”

Mr Regling added that, if he was unable to tempt the Chinese, he would be forced to put Europe on eBay with a starting bid of $1 and see what he got for it.

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Consolidate all of your debts into one big China pot!