Monday, 16 May 2011

Libyan Police Strangely Reluctant To Arrest Gadaffi

Despite the issuing of an arrest warrant for Colonel Muammar Gadaffi and his son Saif for war crimes, Libya’s police admitted that they have not so far managed to place either of the notorious crooks under arrest.

The accomplice on the left might be able to help with enquiries
“When the initial fax came through from the International Criminal Court, wouldn’t you just know it - that was the moment our fax machine chose to run out of toner,” apologised Tripoli’s police chief Col. Fattah Yaseen. “Unfortunately, the officer with the key to the stationery cupboard was on his lunch break, so we had to wait until he got back before we could refill it. The older perpetrator certainly looks somewhat familiar, but the name is no help at all - the Tripoli phone book has pages and pages of Muammar Gadaffis.”

When the ICC clarified which Muammar Gadaffi was on the wanted list, Col. Yaseen turned pale and excused himself, claiming an old digestive tract disorder was suddenly playing up again.

Later, speaking from a locked rest-room cubicle, the police colonel suggested that arresting the Libyan leader and his son was probably a matter for the secret police, but regretted that he did not know who they were or where to find them.

“It’s a secret,” he wailed. “Try 118 118.”

An ICC spokesman warned that, unless the Libyan police act upon the international arrest warrant, they will face sanctions - such as being banned from international police sports beanos and no more crowd-control and intelligence training jollies at Hendon.

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