Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thrilling New British Chart-Topping Acts Revealed

Easily pleased
1 (-) Polly & Wally Doodle All The Day
A pensioner plays a Draw Something marathon with his parrot!
2 (-) Hello Kitty Bang Bang
Unbelievably cute toddler and her drumming cat!
3 (-) Tulips From Hamster Dan
Heartwarming origami from a schoolboy and his lovable rodent!
4 (-) Bunny & Cher
Stadium-filling anthems re-imagined - with a floppy-eared rabbit!  
5 (-) Engelbert Humpback
Whalesong for Europe!
6 (-) Chris Morris Mynah
Subversive satirical interviewer ridicules a talking crow!
7 (-) Zac’s Goldfish
Loads of Guardian-friendly old carp from the greenwashing Tory rich kid!  
8 (-) Pitbull Of Hollow
Miserable old Morrissey comes out fighting with a macho makeover!
9 (-) Para Tiddles
The brave lads of the 3rd Parachute Regiment leap out of the back of a Hercules with their little tabby mascot and a smoke canister!
10 (-) Spanish Fly
Michael Portillo and his raunchy lapdancing bluebottle! (Parental Advisory)

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