Friday, 18 November 2011

London Won’t Take It

Millions of struggling poor people defiantly stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the bankers of the Square Mile today, after David Cameron heroically denounced EU proposals for a ‘Tobin tax’ on financial transactions as “an attack on Britain”.

We all stand together
“Tobin is a dastardly substance to deploy against innocent civilians, who will in some unspecified way be the real victims of this vicious onslaught against the very heart of our financial empire,” said the plucky PM, moments before he flew off on a desperate attempt to bomb Berlin’s deadly Tobin factories to smithereens. “I hope it will soon be banned forever under an international treaty.”

As his crate left the runway and staggered into the skies, Mr Cameron was last seen waving two fingers at the cheering crowds.

“Those bloody foreigners are up to their old tricks again,” shouted a patriotic pensioner as he huddled for protection with hundreds of other defiant Londoners on a platform of Bank tube station, deep beneath the City. “But they’ll never win, because they’ll find we British are all in it together.”

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