Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fears Of Nazi Resurgence In Munich

The evil Kameron salute strikes fear into every heart
Freedom-loving Britons were today left aghast, fearful but most of all left, after twisted fascist leader Adolf Kameron shrieked his hate-filled propaganda to the world from the Nazi stronghold of Munich.

Overt racial supremacism poured from the bigoted extremist’s sneering lips, from the rabble-rousing opening words – “Gosh, hullo everyone” – to his final, echoing screech of “Thank you.”

In tones calculated to strike the paralysis of fear into his opponents, Herr Kameron launched into a brutal attack of unprecedented fury on the nation’s ethnic minorities. “You know, I’m not entirely happy about forced marriage,” he bellowed viciously, before outrageously demanding that, ideally, all ethnic children in Britain should be forced - doubtlessly at gunpoint, and using every inhuman torture - to grow up speaking a bit of English.

“Behold the spectre of the death factories,” brave underground activists solemnly warned their Facebook friends. “How can the world stand idly and shamefully by and pander slavishly to this evil hatemonger, who dares to claim that Britain’s Islamic fundamentalists are drawn exclusively from within the greater Muslim community?”

Even as the evil Kameron spoke, his dreaded EDL paramilitary squads were brazenly parading through the streets of Luton, cruelly raising their deadly cans of Heineken to their mouths and bringing them down empty with a sickening crunch, as curious terrified shoppers looked on.

“It shows the extent to which Britain has descended into a repressive police state,” said a shocked Mr Dave Lenin of Facebook, “When a protest march can be allowed to proceed along a designated route without having seven colours of shit kicked out of them by the uniformed thugs of the Bedfordshire Police Authority.”

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