Sunday, 30 January 2011

UK Bravely Picks Goodies For Eurovision

The Goodies have already set out for Germany
Nul-points specialist Britain has bravely broken with tradition, by picking an established chart-topping act for its 2011 Eurovision Song Contest entry.

The Goodies - who recently staged a schedule-filling comeback on BBC2 over the Christmas period - claim to have written their own song for the competition, but say they are keeping it a closely-guarded secret until the contest begins. When asked if it involved a gibbon, however, Tim Brooke-Taylor said “Yes” while Graeme Garden said “No” and hit him; both then vigorously denied any gibbon-related content.

“Ooooooooooooo,” commented a strangely hairy Graham Norton, after being shown a picture of a banana.

“The Goodies may be a bit past our hit-making prime,” commented 1970s heart-throb Bill Oddie, speaking very quietly from a canvas hide in the Cricklewood Bird Sanctuary. “But surely it has to be in our favour that we do anything, anytime – unlike previous entries, who do fuck all every time.”

The BBC later apologised.

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