Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jordanian and Yemeni Protests Fail To Make News Charts

Protesters in Jordan and Yemen are putting on a brave face after their failure to topple Egypt from its dominant position at the top of the news.

Surely somebody's visit must have been disrupted a bit
“We thought we had all the right ingredients to take the media by storm,” a disappointed Yemeni protester posted on his blog this morning, which he was deeply upset to find had not been blocked by the authorities. “Popular uprisings against remote, authoritarian governments of pocket-lining crooks seemed to be in this year. Tragically, however, we failed to take into account the vital fact that Westerners rarely, if ever, book holidays here.”

Meanwhile, a Jordanian rioter hopefully informed would-be tourists that the picturesque ruins of ancient Petra featured in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, and are really very nice at this time of year. The Jordanian embassy later confirmed that any holidaymakers wishing to book a last-minute visit to the carved-out city would almost certainly be advised not to travel to Jordan today or tomorrow, but next week was looking good.

Some protesters, however, are taking heart from one-hit-wonder Tunisia’s protest - which stormed to the top of the news last week, but has now been quickly forgotten by fickle editors – and hoping that the same fate will befall Egypt’s entry.

Strangely, the BBC later failed to apologise for focusing entirely on one Middle East protest and ignoring the rest.

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