Saturday, 27 November 2010

TV Religion Debate Lost By Satan

Hmm... tough one
A televised debate in Canada on the topic of religion has resulted in a decisive win by atheist Christopher Hitchens against former British prime minister, Satan.

Satan - who surprised few in 2007 by publicly embracing Catholicism - opened the debate by claiming that faith was a force for good, and said it was “futile” to try to drive it out.

Mr Hitchens, however, pointed out that Satan was well-known to the entire world as the Father of Lies, and rested his case.

The Prince of Darkness fiendishly attempted to snare his opponent by suggesting that, simply by acknowledging his own unholy presence in the studio, he was accepting the truth of an eternal struggle for the souls of mankind by two opposing supernatural entities.

“Oh no you don’t,” retorted Mr Hitchens. “Any rational human being can see that behind that urbane grin lurks the unspeakable embodiment of evil incarnate, Tony Blair.”

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