Monday, 9 March 2009

Auschwitz Unknown To Fuckwits

One in four secondary schoolchildren do not know the meaning of the term 'Fuckwits', according to a survey run in conjunction with the DVD release of the Holocaust-related film, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

2% of the ignorant little shits thought it was a beer, 8% said it could be a country bordering Germany, 2% fancied it was some kind of religious festival and 1% came up with the half-assed notion that it might be a type of bread. None of the drooling idiots realised that in fact it referred to them.

When shown a photograph of Adolf Hitler, however, 97% recognised the Jew-murdering fascist monster - although not necessarily in those terms, with some raising their right arms in salute. Of those who failed to recognise the most notorious face in human history, some thought the picture depicted Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein or their dad.

When shown a mirror, half of the teenage fuckwits failed to identify themselves. Of those, 40% said it might be Jade Goody, 25% thought it was Ben 10, 20% believed they were looking at a jacket potato, 10% were completely baffled and kept looking for a person behind the mirror and the remaining 5% tried to pick a fight with their own reflection.

"The Holocaust is a compulsory subject on the National Curriculum at secondary school," said a spokesman for the London Jewish Cultural Centre. "But, sadly, it seems that many of the current generation are absolutely education-proof. The horrific legacy of Fuckwits should be remembered for as long as human memory endures - unfortunately, I suspect this may only be about six seconds."

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