Thursday, 4 September 2008

Confusion Over Top Job at Met United

Confusion reigns at Metropolitan United Police Club, with conflicting reports about whether manager Sir Ian Blair is still in charge of the team.

A story in the Times had suggested that he was being ousted from his high-profile job. However, Sir Ian has denied the rumours, saying: “I have a job to do: I am getting on with it and will continue to do so.”

Sir Ian flourished under the previous owner, Tony Blair, as he led the police club known to millions of Londoners as the ‘Loon Army’ to victory. Some insiders, though, claim the situation has deteriorated since the takeover by Gordon Brown’s management team, pointing to a series of embarrassingly public fumbles.

According to the Times, Sir Ian was merely being kept in the post long enough to take any flak from the inquest into the shambolic public slaughter of a harmless Brazilian electrician - killed in a home fixture by members of his elite goon squad.

However, the long-serving manager jokingly told the press: “Reports of my death are an exaggeration - which is more than you can say for Jean Charles de Menezes.”

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