Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Driverless Economy Trundles Down Slope, Remains Upright, Amuses Bystanders

Gordon Brown was reported to be embarrassed but hugely relieved yesterday, after the economy rolled down a steep slope when he accidentally left the handbrake off.

People watched in amazement as the economy bounced wildly, but remained obstinately upright during its out-of-control journey down the steep slope before settling into a mire at the very bottom.

Recovery crews were called and the muddy, but apparently intact, economy was ignominiously hauled out of the morass just in time to prevent it from sinking without trace.

“I feel a bit of a fool,” admitted the hapless Mr Brown. “I’ve always been very careful with the British economy, but I was briefly distracted when something shiny and golden on the horizon caught my eye, and my stupid momentary inattention could have spelt disaster. Still, it looks all right to me.”

One eyewitness, however, was not so sure. “Although there was no superficial damage, I dread to think what it’s like underneath,” he said doubtfully.

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