Sunday, 5 June 2011

Europe Needs To Be Reminded Of Its Murderous Roots, Pope Tells Croatia

Welcome to the past that Europe needs reminding of, apparently
On his first visit to his old Führer’s allies, the Croats, Pope Benedict XVI gave his full support to his hosts’ bid to join the EU, saying that Europe needs to be reminded of the blood-soaked bigotry of its past.

Although some have criticised the £6m Papal trip down memory lane, the Vatican is keen to build on its long relationship with Croatia. In fact, a spokesman explained, the Pope will today be visiting the tomb of wartime Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac - whom his predecessor, John Paul II, beatified for advising the fascist Ustate puppet regime to just concentrate on slaughtering Serbs and leave the Jews alone, since they were all damned to Hell anyway for murdering Jesus.

Meanwhile, as he celebrated mass, the Pope told some of Croatia’s most devout mass murderers (in a loose translation from the Latin): “Those secular bastards in the Hague have only gone and convicted your much-loved and splendidly well-concealed Gen Ante Gotovina of war crimes in his absence. What is the world coming to, when you can’t even purify your own bloody soil without humanists trying to force their evil godless values on you?”

Finally, the Pope urged Croatians to pray for the glorious day when Europe would be united into one state, with one flock under one spiritual leader.

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