Monday, 6 June 2011

That TUC Report On The Rich-Poor Divide In Full

The Livelihood Crisis - by Richard A. Whiting, Gus Kahn & Ray Egan

Bill collectors gather round and rather haunt the cottage next door - men the grocer and butcher sent, men who call for the rent. But within, a happy chappy and his bride of only a year seem to be so cheerful. Here's an earful of the chatter you hear: “Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening - ain't we got fun! Not much money, oh, but honey, ain't we got fun! The rent's unpaid, dear, we haven't a bus - but smiles were made, dear, for people like us. In the winter, in the summer - don't we have fun! Times are bum and getting bummer - still we have fun! There's nothing surer - the rich get rich and the poor get children! In the meantime, in between time - ain't we got fun!”

Let them eat Strictly Come Dancing
Just to make their trouble nearly double, something happened last night. To their chimney a gray bird came - Mr Stork is his name - and I'll bet two pins, a pair of twins just happened in with the bird. Still they're very gay and merry - just at dawning I heard: “Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening, don't we have fun? Twins and cares, dear, come in pairs, dear. Don't we have fun! We've only started as momma and pop. Are we downhearted? I'll say that we're not! Landlord’s mad and getting madder - ain't we got fun? Times are so bad and getting badder – still, we have fun. There's nothing surer - the rich get rich and the poor get laid off. In the meantime, in between time - ain't we got fun?”

When the man who sold them carpets told them he would take them away, they said, “Wonderful, here's our chance! Take them up and we'll dance!”

And when burglars came and robbed them, taking all their silver, they say hubby yelled, "We're famous, for they'll name us in the papers today! Night or daytime - it's all playtime! Ain't we got fun! Hot or cold days, any old days - ain't we got fun! If wifey wishes to go to a play, don't wash the dishes - just throw them away!”

“Streetcar seats are awful narrow - ain't we got fun! They won't smash up our Pierce-Arrow - we ain't got none! They've cut my wages, but my income tax will be so much smaller! When I'm laid off, I'll be paid off - ain't we got fun!”

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