Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tired Daleks Enjoyed Afternoon Nap, Look Forward To A Spot Of Gardening

And afternoons are half-price at the council swimming baths
The Daleks woke up from their first nap in 48 years at teatime, thanked Dr Who writer Steven Moffat for granting them a rest and told reporters they were off to the garden centre tomorrow morning to buy some bedding plants for the garden.

“We-are-still-a-bit-kna-ckered,” commented one Dalek after resting his eyestalk for a few hours, “But-to-night-we-are-hav-ing-O-val-tine. We-will-have-a-bloo-dy-good-kip.”

“I-am-go-ing-to-ta-ckle-the-weeds-af-ter-lunch,” it added. “They-will-be-ex-ter-min-a-ted.”

Some Daleks feel this is a bit energetic, however, and have formed a faction which urges staying in and watching Jeremy Kyle and repeats of Antiques Roadshow.

“Take-it-ea-sy, Ke-vin,” they urged the leader of the gardening Daleks. “You-will-do-your-ca-sing-an-in-ju-ry.”

The interview was interrupted, however, by the groaning and wheezing arrival of the TARDIS.

“It-is-the-Doc-tor,” said Dalek Kevin. “We-asked-the-poor-bu-gger-o-ver-for-tea. He-is-gett-ing-a-bit-crea-ky-too.”

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