Friday, 25 February 2011

Cameron Speaks Out Against Gaddafi’s War Crimes: ‘Let’s All Sit Down And Form A Committee’

Mr Cameron explains how much he feels for the people of Libya
As teapot dictator Colonel Gaddafi continues to rain down shellfire on his own people, David Cameron has bravely seized the moral high ground by calling for some sort of a committee to be formed at some point in the future yet to be determined with a view to i) defining ‘war crimes’ in the context of the suppression of a civic uprising, ii) mounting a major information-gathering exercise in Libya after the dust has settled, subject to the co-operation of such authorities as may be in power at that time and iii) giving due consideration to petitioning for charges to be brought against those responsible, in such cases where an appropriate body of evidence may be found.

“I have a very clear message for Colonel Gaddafi,” warned the fearless prime minister, “And that message is ‘Now look here, old chap, is all this violence absolutely necessary?’ That’ll give him something to think about.”

Mr Cameron’s stern rebuke came just hours after he had spoken to President Obama and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, in which the leaders of the world’s three largest arms exporters wrung their hands repeatedly and wondered if perhaps they really ought to say something nice and fluffy about the Middle East whenever the UN holds its next big shindig.

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