Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Media Deeply Concerned About Deadly Situation In Libya

So far, it's all quiet on the Tripoli front line
As news reports from embattled Libya trickle to a standstill, the media has expressed serious concerns about the levels of violence on the cratered streets of Tripoli and Benghazi.

“Jesus Christ, have you heard about all that shit flying through the air in Libya?” said one veteran correspondent, who has heroically reported mass protests in Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and even Tunisia from the penthouses of some of the region’s tallest hotels. “Fuck that for a game of soldiers.”

“Cover me - I’m going into Facebook!” he shouted to colleagues, as he braved the milling crowds of Canary Wharf in search of an internet bar. “If that doesn’t pull up any suitably heartrending stuff from al-Jazeera, I’m going undercover as Colonel Gaddafi on Twitter. That ought to give me a few choice quotes.”

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