Monday, 16 March 2009

Iraqis Now Looking Forward To Non-Violent Early Death

The majority of Iraqis are feeling much more hopeful about the future, says an opinion poll carried out for the BBC, ABC News and NHK.

A violent and bloody death is no longer the main worry preoccupying the man in the street, having been replaced by freedom-loving, democratic worries like employment and the economy.

"Yes, I can safely say that I am more concerned about the economy nowadays than being killed by a suicide bomber," agreed Baqubah resident Mahmood Jassim. "Perhaps one day some of that reconstruction money the Americans promised us in return for sucking every last drop of oil out from under our feet may be put towards restoring a clean water supply, before we all die of cholera."

His friend Raqaij Ubaydi agreed, adding: "If my country's economy ever gets back on its feet, maybe I could get a job and save my children from dying a lingering death from malnutrition. Compared to that, being blown to bits by some hothead would at least be mercifully quick."

Not all Iraqis shared their upbeat view of their nation's future, however.

"Actually, I'm still quite concerned about violence myself," admitted housewife Nadia Adwar, glancing furtively over her shoulder. "In fact, right now I'm concerned that my husband will beat me to death if he catches me talking to a foreigner. But the idea that the women of Iraq might need some freedom too seems to have somehow escaped the West's attention completely."

"But what do I know?" she added. "I'm only a woman."

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