Wednesday, 27 August 2008

You Fatuous Bastard

People should not be given excuses for being fatuous, says shadow health minister, Andrew Lansley.

According to the Tory spokesman, saying that being fatuous is an inevitable product of biology and the environment gives people “the one thing we have to avoid: an excuse.”

Instead, he said, we should all take more responsibility for our lifestyles and exercise our brains more.

“Although we live in an environment where politicians and the media regularly heap ridicule and abuse on the overweight, people like me have a duty to be responsible and stop picking on easy targets whose imperfections are just more visible than our own,” said Mr Lansley. “Similarly, it’s not enough to blame my fatuousness on the fact that my parents - and generations before them – were sneering, condescending snobs. I really ought to take a close look at my own failings before making sweeping statements about other people.”

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