Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Turd Insists Journalism Has Become ‘Putrid’

A turd which used to be Tony Blair’s chief liar told the Leveson inquiry today that journalism has become “frankly putrid in many of its elements”.

I shit you not
“I would like to draw the panel’s attention to the press coverage of the Iraq dossier I showed them, which was patently nothing but a tissue of lies from start to finish,” the turd complained. “Having been a lump of journalist myself before I flushed myself out of the Daily Mirror, I knew I could rely on none of these shits bothering to do even the most cursory verification checks before rushing into print. And sure enough, they didn’t. I tell you, it stinks to high heaven.”

The steaming turd sensationally added: “I know, from bitter experience, that it is routine for important stories to be cynically twisted, or even made up entirely, just to fit the scheming owner’s personal worldview. But enough about me. The papers do it too.”

“I may be a reeking piece of ordure,” he continued with passion. “But even I wouldn’t want to step in the Daily Mail.”

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