Thursday, 11 September 2008

E.on Executive Nominated For 'Best Newcomer' Comedy Award

Energy company E.on has apologised after one of its senior executives joked that a severe winter would mean “more money for us”.

Mark Owen-Lloyd, the company’s head of power trading, made the comment during a seminar organised by the industry’s futile, toothless regulator, Ofgem.

“We’re sorry our grumpy customers are too wrapped up in their own selfish misery to realise that Mr Owen-Lloyd’s comments are utterly hilarious,” said a company spokesman. “Our board of directors falls about laughing at it every day.”

The government - which does very nicely out of high energy costs through VAT and corporation tax, thank you - agreed that Mr Owen-Lloyd’s comments were “absolutely spot on”.

“Oh, for God’s sake crack a smile, you miserable gits,” a chortling Hilary Benn told angry consumer groups. “What’s up, can’t you take a little home truth? Ha ha-ha ha ha.”

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