Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Legendary Welsh Sense of Humour Still Not Discovered

An unholy row is brewing in Aberystwyth, with a vicar vehemently opposing the mayor’s attempts to overturn a 29-year-old ban on Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Mayor Sue Jones-Davies, who played the non-messiah Brian’s girlfriend in the 1979 movie, was amazed that the once-controversial comedy was still the subject of a ban by Ceredigion council originally recommended by a council of local church leaders.

“I did a nude scene with Graham Chapman,” said Ms Jones-Davies, “And I think the people of Aberystwyth should have the opportunity to see for themselves that their new mayor has quite an impressive pair on her.”

Hatchet-faced pulpit-basher Reverend Canon Stuart Bell, however, is adamant that the ban should stay.

“Perhaps in 1979 the mayor’s puppies were quite appealing,” he said grimly. “But the idea that an ordinary man might appear on screen in bed with a woman is a terrible affront to our wrathful and entirely humourless God, who will surely smite Wales from the face of the Earth should our dour, repressed vigilance falter.”

The mayor has vowed to fight on, and said that if the ban was not revoked she would take her controversial baps to the streets of Aberystwyth.

Locals churchgoers were not impressed, however. “Sue’s charlies might have been a serious threat to public morals back in 1979,” said one, “But we really don’t want them shoved in our faces now.”

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