Friday, 11 May 2012

Government To Buy Crashed P-40 For Navy

The crashed Curtiss P-40 discovered in the Egyptian desert after 70 years is to be purchased for the nation, restored to flying condition and assigned to the Royal Navy’s carrier fleet, little Richard Hammond told the House of Commons today.

Just the thing
“This historic pile of scrap is not just a tribute to a generation of heroes who willingly gave their lives in the nation’s hour of greatest need,” explained the diminutive defence secretary. “Bolt a hook on the back and hey presto, it perfectly matches for our fleet requirements for a strike fighter. Pity it wasn’t a Firefly, though. They came with a dinghy thrown in free.”

Mr Hammond also expressed the hope that diligent searchers would eventually discover what happened to missing pilot Dennis Copping, who apparently walked away from the crash site.

“As I see it, Flight Sergeant Copping deliberately went AWOL,” he announced, “When he turns up, I reckon the least he can do to make amends is to train a new generation of naval pilots in P-40 operations.”

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