Wednesday, 13 April 2011

MG Proudly Restarts Production With Some Sort Of Car

Much-missed legendary British marque MG is hoping to create a new army of aficionados - restarting manufacture at its Longbridge plant, after a 16-year hiatus, with a blob which looks very much like a car of some sort.

Well, it certainly seems car-shaped
MG’s owners, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation And Takeaway, have spent years studying what a car looks like, and believe they have at last cracked the elusive formula with the MG6. Leading motoring journalists are already saying that the blob does indeed strongly resemble a car.

MG’s Guy Jones was keen to stress that, although the anodyne lump of metal is bolted together exclusively from other lumps of metal made in China, it was nevertheless 100% designed in Britain – being apparently under the apprehension that inheriting the mantle of the Sinclair C5 and step-in baths is some sort of irresistible lure to more than just the BNP.

Other Shanghai Auto executives, however, put more emphasis on the inclusion of today’s must-have features like doors, wheels and a top speed – confidently predicting that, for people who sort of like cars, this is definitely the sort of car they will sort of like.

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