Thursday, 14 April 2011

MG: An Apology

Irate MG enthusiasts bombarded the Nev Filter’s switchboard yesterday to complain about the less-than-reverential coverage of the launch of the exciting new MG6, pointing out that the car-shaped blob is in fact a worthy inheritor of the racy, high-performance reputation of a proud British marque of champions.

The Nev Filter would like to apologise for any inaccuracies in yesterday’s report, and is happy to present a nostalgic pictorial tribute to MG’s illustrious heritage.
1984: The tyre-scorching MG Montego came with a factory-fitted 'Turbo' transfer
1983: The sleek lines of the MG Maestro included a go-faster stripe as standard equipment
1964: The powerful MG 1300 left Ferrari engineers scratching their heads in amazement
1948: The muscular MG Arab III turned heads in the high street with its sporty wire wheels

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