Sunday, 10 April 2011

Great Naked Emperor Britain Vows To Bankrupt Little Boy From Iceland

Clearly worth every penny
A furious Emperor Britain shook his fist today at the cheeky little Icelandic boy who has, once again, inconveniently pointed out to the whole world that all the Mighty Emperors in the world are strutting about without so much as a fig-leaf to cover their fiscal embarrassment.

“Look, everyone – can’t you see the emperor’s bollocks?” yelled the impudent young islander, as he stubbornly refused a second invitation to see – as every sensible grown-up agrees – that each and every citizen is naturally obliged to spend the rest of their lives paying for the ruinous schemes of a small number of greedy, conniving tailors.

Dressed in his most illustrious robes of majestic dignity, a fuming Emperor Britain instructed his Lord High Chancellor to issue a writ against the irresponsible little twerp. The courts are expected to force young master Iceland to live out his days in penury - paying for the hugely expensive clothes which everybody else insists are not only of breathtaking richness, but absolutely necessary for the dignified conduct of the world’s affairs.

“Just because this tiresome little boy from the back end of nowhere has had a bit of an education and reads a lot, that hardly qualifies him to tell people who are much bigger and older than he is that the glorious robes of economic intervention don’t exist,” snapped a leading herald, speaking for the entire community. “If these marvellous robes of capitalism simply aren’t there, how come everybody but one little child is convinced they are absolutely real? Are we all complete idiots?”

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