Thursday, 24 March 2011

Industrial Estate Units To Make Ideal Starter Homes

Parking probably won't be a problem
Councils all over the country gleefully served P45s to their planning departments, as George Osborne announced that they would no longer need to consider any factors associated with a proposed development other than the temporary requirement for a couple of part-time jobs in the painting and decorating trade before granting planning permission for anything, anywhere.

The Budget also released councils from their statutory duty of saving people from living in shitholes.

“Jolly good, that’s the housing crisis sorted,” beamed Mr Osborne, looking supremely pleased with himself as usual.

“All over the country, councils are up to their necks in unleasable small business units on out-of-the-way industrial estates,” explained a spokesman for the Town and Country Planning Association, as he nailed a ‘For Sale: Excellent Potential For Social Housing’ sign to the association’s elegant SW1 headquarters. “Now that industrial premises can be flogged off to the usual suspects for conversion to rabbit hutches, expect to see Sky dishes and tacky prefab conservatories sprouting up all over those hideous conglomerations of leaky tin shacks in the next few months.”

“And I’m sure the upper galleries of Britain’s forgotten coal mines would benefit greatly from a couple of judiciously-placed partition walls and the application of a few rolls of B&Q wallpaper,” he added. “No need to go to the bother of connecting them to the water mains, either – there’s a plentiful supply in the lower levels.”

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