Thursday, 9 December 2010

Media Student Poignantly Films Baby Trundling Down Steps

Amid angry protests outside the hated Winter Palace of Westminster, a hero of the Media Studies comintern bravely liberated an oppressed baby from the state, seizing control of its buggy and pushing it down a long flight of steps whilst heroically filming its headlong tumble on his mobile as a poignant metaphor for the pitiless crushing of the student class by the brutal coalition forces of reaction.

And it'll do as a piece of coursework, too
“The lo-fi authenticity of this MPEG will stand forever, right, as mute witness to Tsar Nicholas Bastard Clegg’s totally cynical and utterly two-faced state subjugation of the downtrodden student proletariat and their mums and dads in the squeezed middle, yeah?” proclaimed the committed young auteur, uploading his cinematic milestone to YouTube with revolutionary fervour.

“It’s best viewed in black and white, actually,” he added with zeal. “I’ll do that in Premiere, when I get back to the multimedia lab.”

The revolutionary masterpiece of Marxist cinema-verité propaganda has already drawn critical acclaim from web users around the world, with accolades ranging from “ur fukkin SPOT ON mate clegg your next” to “BURN IN HELL u comunist limey fagot!!!!!!!!!!!”, and is widely expected by idealistic students to bring about the overthrow and swift execution of the despised Liberal Democrat elite in the glorious May Day local elections.

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