Saturday, 21 February 2009

Were You Fooled By Julia Bradbury? Call Watchdog Now

The BBC presenter Julia Bradbury is taking time off from fronting Watchdog while she faces a police investigation into allegations that she and her sister - who is also her agent - have received thousands of pounds in free flights via unauthorised Air Miles credits to her Virgin Atlantic account.

In her final appearance on the BBC's flagship consumer rights programme, the hapless Bradbury was suddenly shoved onto a sofa by Nicky Campbell, who bluntly put it to her that she was nothing but a fraudulent hypocrite. The following exchange then took place:

BRADBURY: "I have done nothing wrong."
CAMPBELL: "Oh, come off it! On several occasions in the last three months, according to the police, you've received Air Miles worth over £20,000. Do you really expect our viewers to believe you didn't know what was going on?"
BRADBURY: "I'm very concerned about - "
CAMPBELL: "So you should be!"
BRADBURY: " - about these allegations. Although I have not been contacted by the police - "
CAMPBELL: "Perhaps you've been too busy swanning round the world at other people's expense for them to catch up with you!"
BRADBURY: "I understand that my name appears on a list that includes several Virgin passengers with discrepancies - "
CAMPBELL: "So you're part of a widespread conspiracy of fraudsters?"
BRADBURY: "I will, of course, willingly co-operate - "
CAMPBELL: "Just answer the question! No, don't bother - we've run out of time."

Sir Richard Branson was not available for comment, as the grinning pseudo-hippy was fully occupied with squaring his well-known regard for protecting our fragile environment with his hopes of adding the Honda Formula One team - complete with its fume-spewing cars, gas-guzzling fleet of giant lorries and globe-spanning race schedule - to his bulging portfolio.

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