Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chav-Abuse Atrocity Surpasses Worst Excesses of Nazi Germany

Britain has been warned to be on the lookout for a highly-dangerous amateur cartoonist on the loose, after a car insurance claim form was posted on the internet featuring a shocking sketch of a roadside argument between a male motorist and a female "freeloading fat chav who doesn't have whiplash!!!"

A spokesman for insurers AIG said: "We take any potential breach of data security very seriously and we are actively conducting a full investigation into this matter."

"Chavs are a small minority group," he added. "At least as far as the insurance industry is concerned."

Oppressed chavs all over the country expressed shock and outrage when the cartoon's gratuitously offensive wording was read to them by grown-ups with computers.

"Us chavs is sortuv like an endangered species or woteva, right?" said an angry chav in an uninsured Astra with a blue searchlight mounted beneath the floorpan. "We got rights an' all innit, nowarramean? I'm reely like hurt an' upset an' that. Just hearing about this evil insulting facist bastud has like given me like reely bad trauma for life. I'm gonna want big compy for this, innit? Sorted."

A spokesman for Equality and Human Rights Commission assured the nation's scum that the vile motoracist, whose name was given on the posted from, was currently being hunted down by police marksmen and would certainly be dead before dawn.

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