Saturday, 28 February 2009

Nev Filter Surprisingly Not Listed for Orwell Prize

Journalists, politicians and web-browsing slackers all over the country were shaking their heads in shocked disbelief today, after the newly-released longlist for the first ever Orwell Prize to be awarded for political blogging failed to mention the Nev Filter.

"The Nev Filter wasn't included?" said Alan Rusbridger - editor of the Guardian, whose Political Blog is on the list. "What is it? Something to do with coffee?"

Paul Mason, economics editor on Newsnight - whose blog, Idle Scrawl, is also longlisted - was also at a loss to explain why a blog that nobody in Islington has ever heard of had failed to make it onto the list.

And Labour MP Tom Harris, whose personal blog And Another Thing... has been nominated, has not even bothered to reply to the Nev Filter's increasingly bitter and abusive requests for a comment.

However, Shane Greer, editor of Total Politics magazine, said that political blogs generally fell into four categories: 'attack blogs' like Devil's Kitchen, which fight tenaciously for a particular political view; technical blogs such as Burning Our Money, which provide detailed analysis of a particular issue; general-audience blogs which function like the comment pages in newspapers, and provide a forum for public debate; and, finally, a huge number of what he called "truly awful" blogs.

"You have to bear in mind that there are thousands and thousands of blogs of a very low quality," he pointed out.

The Nev Filter's editor, reporter, columnist, researcher and stunning Page 3 model, Nev, briefly stopped throwing his toys out of the pram for just long enough to say that even if his blog did belong firmly in the latter category, he felt that its outstandingly low quality enabled it to stand head and shoulders above the competition. He then spent the rest of the day shouting "fuck" and scrawling 'BASTARD' across every page of his copy of Keep The Aspidistra Flying.


Anonymous said...

I blame that annoying Google message you have to click through to get on the blog that says "You don't really want to read this do you?"

I'd sell my soul to Facebook to get rid of that ;o)

Nev said...

I put it there myself, hoping that the stern moral protectors from the worlds of media and politics would see it and charge in, hoping to see University Challenge's Gail Trimble with her baps out.