Sunday, 14 September 2008

Palin Rejects Accusations of Inexperience, Calls For Massive Global War

US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah the Impalin has rejected claims that she lacks experience, in her first TV interview since being selected as John McCain’s running mate.

“Ah may not know jack ‘bout nuthin’,” she breezed. “But ah kin yell ‘America!!!’ real loud and punch tha air till tha cows come home, and that’s what this nation’s cryin’ out fer. Hey, ah’ve had me one doozy of a idea – let’s go ta war with tha Russkies!! Woo-hoo!!! Way ta go!!!”

Half of America responded by throwing their beer cans in the air and shouting, “Hell, yeah!”, while the other half covered their eyes with a hand and turned away from their TV screens in embarrassment.

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