Sunday, 14 September 2008

Let's Teach Kids Mumbo-Jumbo Horseshit, Says Dog-Collared Academic

The education director of the Royal Society, the Rev. Professor Michael Reiss, has called for creationism to be discussed in Britain’s school science lessons, claiming that it was better for science teachers not to see the biblical fairy-story as a “misconception” but as a “world view”.

“An increasing number of children in the UK come from families that do not accept the scientific version of the history of the universe and the evolution of species,” he told the British Association Festival of Science. “Perhaps they think the world is flat, and that the sun and all the stars in the sky revolve around it. Fine, that’s a perfectly valid point of view. And if these families also say we should drown an old woman in a pond because their milk has curdled in the fridge - well, who are we to argue?”

“School should not be a place of learning and enlightenment,” explained the Professor, “It should reinforce all the twaddle you learn from your parents. For instance, my mum - bless her - told me that babies are delivered by a stork. But the wonderful picture which that conjured up was cruelly destroyed by my unimaginative biology teacher, Mr Tweedie, and his horrid drawings of people’s toilet parts, with scant consideration for my sincerely-held beliefs. Surely both points of view are equally worthy of consideration?”

“The God-botherers can start pushing their addle-headed mumbo-jumbo in science lessons on the day they start using my book ‘The God Delusion’ as an RE textbook,” commented leading Darwinist Richard Dawkins.

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