Wednesday, 6 August 2008

If I'd Wanted Fries With That, I'd Have Fucking Asked

Fast-food chain McDonalds is bucking the credit crunch, as it announces plans to open 10 new outlets and recruit 4,000 more staff. The chain claims two million more customers a month are passing through its doors – albeit with increasing difficulty in some cases - compared to a year ago.

Although McDonalds puts the increase in numbers down to healthier food and redesigned restaurants, some critics argue that it is merely drawing customers away from more expensive restaurants. Meanwhile, the company’s ‘My McJob’ recruitment drive will try to sell potential recruits a rosy picture of career benefits and opportunities.

“Well, they appear to have sold me a small cardboard box of potato string and a bucket of ice with some Coke lurking in it,” said one newly budget-conscious diner, as he prepared to go down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. “So I reckon they can sell just about anything.”

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