Monday, 4 August 2008

Conservatives Discover Root Of All Evil

Conservative shadow Education Secretary Michael Gove is being hailed by leading sociologists as a genius for his discovery of the root cause of all of society’s wrongs, as he claimed that lads’ mags such as Nuts and Zoo are the cause of relationship breakdowns and fatherless children.

“We should ask those who make profits out of reveling in, or encouraging, selfish irresponsibility among young men what they think they’re doing,” said Mr Gove, in a speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research. “The contrast with the work done by women’s magazines, and their publishers, to address their readers in a mature and responsible fashion, is striking.”

IPC, the irresponsible publishers of Nuts, issued a tear-stained apology for creating a generation of selfish, gratification-seeking sex maniacs, and said they would seek urgent talks with IPC, the sensible publishers of Marie Claire, to see what they could learn from its responsible, mature articles such as ‘See The Risqué Eva Mendes TV Ad That The US Has Banned’.

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