Sunday, 12 April 2009

'Is There A Prize At The End of This?' Ask Police in Human Jigsaw Hunt

Police in Hertfordshire have confirmed the discovery of another part of a dismembered body - this time, appropriately, in Gore Lane, Standon.

Britain's police forces now have five parts of the corpse, including a head, two legs and a forearm.

"We're all very excited," said a spokesman for the Hertfordshire force. "We've got officers searching in their spare time, hoping that this treasure hunt is some kind of publicity stunt with a million-pound prize for guessing the identity of the victim."

"Whoever is behind it, full marks for originality," he continued. "And Gore Lane? Bloody hilarious! How we laughed. We're now searching street-index maps for similarly appropriate locations. If anybody lives in Bloodthirsty Avenue, Dismemberment Close, or for that matter No-Particular-Sense-of Urgency-In-Catching-This-Maniac Lane, give us a bell."

"Ho ho," he added. "It's good to get back to the lighter side of policing."

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