Monday, 15 July 2013

Nev’s Book Of Card Games No 94: Florida Release ’Em

Example of Play

White is trumps. 

Player 1 is hiding a winning 3-5-7 combination. Player 2 appears to play the black Knave and is promptly Aced by Player 1, who claims that Player 2 was about to make an illegal play for his 3-5-7.

Player 2 cashes in his chips, and is out of the game. 

At this point the dealer intervenes, suspecting some minor breach of etiquette. Player 1 surrenders the 3-5-7.

The black Knave's play is adjudicated to be illegal.

All players of all other games now put their 2d in. 

The house intervenes, and upholds the decision. White is still trumps.

Players with no stake whatsoever in the game now join in.

Kings which were previously beaten are now back in play.

Pool cues are wild.

Player 1 asks for his 3-5-7 back, explaining that he may well need it.

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