Monday, 22 September 2008

Gordon Brown Urged to Top Blaine Stunt

Labour Party delegates at the party’s conference have told Prime Minister Gordon Brown that the party’s spectacular fall from grace may be reversed at a stroke if he takes a leaf out of illusionist David Blaine’s book.


The American performer’s latest stunt involves suspending himself upside down in New York’s Central Park for 60 consecutive days.


“Gordon Brown has already proved that he can beat Blaine at his own game, by living in a bubble for well over a year with no visible means of sustaining himself,” said a man with a beard. “Now is the time for him to capture the public imagination again. We are already erecting a huge scaffold at Marble Arch, and we hope to suspend Gordon from it indefinitely - or at least until his rotting corpse falls to the ground, anyway.”


Miliband One told the party faithful that the embattled Prime Minister had his full backing for the stunt.


“The Prime Minister is definitely the man for the job,” he said, to rousing cheers from the party rank and file.

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